VIDEO: 515HO00353 EBA DAVINCI - A Real Masterpiece

515HO00353 EBA DAVINCI is a Real Masterpiece! The DAVINCI story has just stared! His first milking daughters are looking phenomenal! DAVINCI is the kind of bull many of the breeders all around the World have been waiting for, he transmits production with Solids, positive fitness traits and fantastic balanced type, he adds power and strength with correct rumps, width and tremendous udders!
US (12/23): GTPI +2714 / PTAT +3.10 with:
  • One of the best LINEARS you can find!
  • Positive TEAT LENGTH
  • Huge protein: +0.11%
  • Positive DPR
  • Healthy udders
  • GLPI +3385 / Conf. +11 / MS +9
DAVINCI is available conventional and SEXED (UltraPlus). For more info, please contact your AI-Total distributor.