About Us

AI Total: the total package!

Every dairy farmer would like to have access to the best genetics in the world, to be able to breed a herd that is ready for the future. As the dairy industry is changing rapidly, farmers require an AI-organisation with access to the best genetics available. An AI that easily adapts to the latest dairy trends. An AI that has and keeps an advantage within the breeding industry and delivers the total package. A guarantee for a profitable herd, now and in the future.

Innovative, quirky and creative genetics

AI Total ensures such a strong foundation for your farm. We are the young, dynamic link between breeders and dairy farmers. We know farmers’ motives, cows and goals. We bring genetics –from anywhere in the world – bred by innovative breeders and other AI-organizations to the dairy farmer. We are quirky, innovative and creative and strongly believe in short lines of communication. Cows are our passion, the world our workfield. Combined with our reliable and extensive network, we built a strong fundament for a fertile partnership with our clients.

Think global, act local

We aim to make the best genetics available to farmers worldwide. Genetics that ensures high-quality food can be produced efficient at any type of dairy farm imaginable, where animal welfare is highly valuated. We think global and act local; we preform best by working together with local parties and specialists. This way we are able to provide support, knowledge and advice, that guarantees success, both short ánd long term.