Make sure you sleep well, use 515HO00464 La-Ca-De-Le DULCE NOCHE!

Make sure you sleep well, use DULCE NOCHE! He will bring the desired traits commercial dairy farmers from all over the World are looking for.

515HO00464 La-Ca-De-Le DULCE NOCHE (A2A2) is one of the most exciting young bulls in the breed. His GTPI of +3065 place him in the top of the global GTPI ranking. But his exceptional combination of desirable traits makes him extremely unique, such as his extremely low cellcount and +3.6 Mastitis Index, positive Fertility and extremely solid & balanced type linear without faults.

As well he belongs to the top DWP$ sires in the breed at +1092 DWP$!

He is an early son of HOLYSMOKES and goes back on the Seagull-Bay Mirror cow family, a cow family which has been very successful to deliver some of the best daughter proven sires in the breed.

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