Looking for Strength, Power and Balance? EL GRANDE!!!

515HO00431 Sandy-Valley EL GRANDE is your TOP CHOICE if you are looking for STRENGTH, POWER and BALANCE! And with so many more qualities!

One of the rare bulls in the breed in the Top of the TPI ranking with more Strength and Width than Stature!

USA:   +0.52 Stature // +0.52 Strength // +1.84 Thurl Width
CAN:   +2 Stature // +3 Chest Width // +5 Pin Width

Rare aAa code:  516

>> Production with high FAT & PROTEIN percentages
>> ELITE Fitness Traits
>> Tremendous Udders, Feet & Legs and optimum Linear Traits

Beside that he is 1 out of only 2 bulls in the breed combining:
GTPI +2938 // PTAT +2.15 // Milk +937 // PL +6.5 // Mastitis +2.4

EL GRANDE has a flawless linear, he is a beautiful bull himself and a grandson of the incredible brood cow Sandy-Valley Rubicon Eternity EX-92-USA

EL GRANDE has conventional and SEXED UltraPlus semen available.