Highlights August 2023 proof – Daughter Proven Sires

The new August 2023 Sire Summary includes incredible results for the AI-Total lineup including exciting milking daughters from reliable Proven Sires.

Black & White Daughter Proven highlights:

The excitement of 515HO00353 NH DG ARROW (King Doc x Monterey) continues again after the August '23 proof run, with the addition of 165 daughters to his proof, which makes him daughter proven with 92% Reliability. He confirmed the sounds of the breeders with Milking Arrow's:

  • PTAT +2.84 // UDC +2.56 // FLC +1.74
  • WIDE & SLOPED RUMPS: +0.62 RA with +1.93 Rump Width!
  • Exceptional UDDERS: +3.24 RUH / +3.11 RUW // +3.27 FUA
  • Optimum Feet & Legs traits:  +0.40 Rear Legs Side view, combined with +2.07 REAR LEGS REAR VIEW!
  • MILK & components: +427 Milk / +0.08%F / +0.05%P
  • HEALHY UDDERS: +1.0 Mastitis Index
  • Good Fertility: +1.3 Heifer Conception Rate

Arrow is available conventional and in the most advanced sex-sorted semen (UltraPlus).

515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL EX-91-CAN 5yr. (Mitchell x Bombero): This bull has had a very impressive carreer so far and going from strength to strength, the August '23 run can go in the books for him as again one of his greatest indexruns in his carreer, MITCHELL added >1000 NEW daughters to his proof index which brings his daughter count to >3000 daughters in his production proof and >1000 daughters in his type proof, his new daughters made him increase again on the major traits like production, Udders & FLC! MITCHELL is the #1 TPI bull in the breed for bulls >3000 daughters in his proof with >2.2 PTAT and >0 DPR (+0.7 DPR)!!! As well he is suitable to use on heifers with only 1.8% SCE and is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

Red & White Daughter Proven highlights:

515HO00342 DG OH DOBLE *RC (Salvatore *RC x Rubicon): in his GTPI proofsheet we see his exceptional qualities confirmed, with gaining +73 points on GTPI and +83 points on NET MERIT $. He provides a very balanced linear with positive teat length, wide and correct rumps, and great Feet & Legs (+1.10 FLC). Doble *RC provides easy calvings (1.9% SCE), healthy udders (2.74 SCS / +2.5 Mastitis Index) and backed by the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 GMD DOM family. Doble *RC is available either conventional and sexed (UltraPlus). 

515HO00318 Rhale Re BLUES-RED (Salvatore *RC x Salsa *RC): we still got the Blues for you!! Blues is the ONLY R&W daughter proven sire who combines lots of milk (>1900 Milk), high durability (>6.3 PL), cows which are easy to breed back (>0.9 DPR), suitable to use on heifers (<1.9% SCE) and healthy udders (<2.77 SCS). This with adding 138 milking daughters to his index!! He provides a desirable TYPE which is balanced and guarantees lots of power and strength. Blues-Red is a Salvatore *RC x VG-85 2yr. Salsa x VG-87 Supersire x VG-85 Alexander x KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91 x KHW Altitude EX-95. This rare R&W sire is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

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DOBLE *RC dtr: R DG Alida-Red VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
* 2yr. Old Champion Zuiderveld Show 2023

2yr. Olds sired by DOBLE *RC @ Anderstrup Holsteins (Denmark)
Average production: 48.3kgM / day

ARROW daughter in Switzerland: La Waebera Arrow Raven VG-CH VG-87-MS 2yr.

MITCHELL daughters @ Willsbro Holsteins (UK)