We still got the BLUES for you

515HO00336 Rhala Re BLUES-RED deliveres it all, regardless of what color cows you like, what climate you live in, farmers all over the world want cows that produce plenty of milk, out of healthy udders and become pregnant again easily. 

His daughters has proven his extreme ability to produce milk, BLUES-RED  is one of the very rare daughter proven sires in the World to combine >1800 milk with +0.9 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR). To mention only that as his unique selling points, however, we do the bull far too short. His Somatic Cell Score with 2.78 is also remarkably low.

In addition, his calves are born very easily (1.9% Ease of calving) and he shows a very balanced, complete and flawless type linear with   +0.81 Udders and +0.53 Feet & Legs. BLUES-RED is a red-and-white bull with daughters in various countries all over the world and he confirms his incredible qualities in various indexsystems, he is currently in the top 10 of daughter proven RZG bull in Germany and is the #3 daughter proven R&W NVI system in the Netherlands. Rhala BLUES Red stems from the famous KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-92 line. Rhala BLUES RED is available in Sexed UltraPlus 2M and UltraPlus 4M and conventional form.