El Grande (+2976 GTPI / +2.11 PTAT) now available!

AI-Total is happy to inform you 515HO00431 Sandy-Valley EL GRANDE is now available! He is new in AI-Total's line-up and a +2976 GTPI / +2.11 PTAT Parfect grand son of Sandy-Valley Eternity EX-92-USA. EL GRANDE is one of the very few bulls in the breed combining: >2970 GTPI, >2.10 PTAT, <2.0% Sire Calving Ease, SLOPED RUMPS and aAa-code 516!!
As well he provides lots of milk: +1170 Milk / +0.14% Fat / +0.06% Protein resulting in +142 Combined Fat + Protein with HEALTHY UDDERS: 2.81 SCS / +2.6 Mastitis Index

This young Parfect son is also in the top of the Canadian rankings with +3628 LPI in combination with +7 Conformation and a very complete profile.

515HO00431 Sandy-Valley EL GRANDE has conventional and SEXED UltraPlus semen available.