After the last proof update, VERDI P is still going strong!

With +151 JPI, Golden-Tirsvad Nikon VERDI P is the #2 polled pure Jersey sire available. He is from the best US cow family D&E Paramount Violet EX-90 (Nikon x VG 85 Impuls x EX 90 Paramount x EX 90 Abe x Avery).

Well known sire of sons Volcano, Valentino and next top bulls come from the same cow family! The dam of VERDI, DJ Impuls Violet VG-85 is a daughter of D&E Abe Violet, with a best lactation of: 9.517Kg Milk, 455 Kg Fat and 348 Kg Protein = 803 Kg F+P.

Verdi P

D&E Abe Viole EX-90