ARMIN RC, World Class Feet & Legs bull with the COMPLETE package!

It's a long list of desirable qualities what 515HO00372 DG OH ARMIN *RC has to offer. Obviously he is one of the highest Red Carrier bulls in multiple different systems, but it are his extraordinary qualities which makes him as well one of the preffered bull choices for many B&W breeders around the World today! 


FEET & LEGS specialist
ARMIN *RC is a unique Feet & Legs sire. He is one of the highest Feet & Legs bulls in the breed overall for bulls so high in the top of the GTPI ranking. He brings the ideal set of legs in the breed which many farmers around the World are looking for. ARMIN *RC has an ideal set of the legs with -0.08 Rear Legs Side View, combined with +1.84 Rear Legs Rear View and +1.55 Feet & Legs Score! 

ROBOT+ udders
Beside ideal set of legs, Armin *RC as well offers ideal teat placement with +0.14 Rear Teat Placement, an average Teat Length and positive Milking Speed, that makes him as well perfectly suitable for Robotic Dairyfarms. Beside an ideal Teat Placement Armin *RC definately sires strongly attached udders and has a high Udder Composite score of +1.47! 

There is nothing in his ultra complete proof what can hold you back from not using him. Beside his great traits as described above, he also is a high production sire with +1230 Milk combined with positive components and the right Kappa BB casein. Armin *RC will sire healthy and durable cows with his +5.7 Productive Life, +0.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate and easy calving traits (SCE 1.9%). 

Armin *RC has a very interesting sire stack: Ronald x Argo x Rubicon going back on the oldest World Dairy Expo Grand Champion in history: Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN, who has won this prestigious title at an age of 14 years old! 

Armin RC his dam:  OH DG Agriorio Red

Grand dam: OH DG Rubellia VG-86-NL 2yr. 

MGGGD: Rainyridge RZH Planet Elaine VG-88-NL 2yr.