TYCHIP #22 dtr proven sire and 86% of his dtrs scoring GP or better!

The milking daughters of 515HO00132 Broeks TYCHIP (Gold Chip x Snowman) keep impressing their owners, his oldest milking daughters are now in 4th lactation and keep improving, multiple of his daughters already scored EXCELLENT and are performing very high lactations. 

His Canadian milking daughters are underlining the great transmitting qualities of TYCHIP, 86% of his Canadian classified daughters are scoring GP or better with an ME average production of 12.156 kg milk! Also resulting in a Conformation index of +12 Conformation in Canada with +12 Mammary System and +10 Feet & Legs, that makes him the #22 daughter proven Conformation sire in the Canadian system! 

Also some of the greatest older cows in the Anderstrup herd in Denmark are daughters of TYCHIP, you will find some barn snapshots of these cows here: 

3 3rd & 4th calf TYCHIP daughters

Average milk production:  >18.000 kg milk in 305 days!!