NEW release bull: 515HO00372 DG OH ARMIN *RC

AI Total is proud to announce 515HO00372 DG OH ARMIN *RC to the sire line-up with semen available. ARMIN *RC is one of the top Red Carrier sires in the breed, but also one of the great solutions for any B&W breeder in the World:

   +1284 Milk with positive components!

   +5.7 PL / SCS 2.83 / DPR +0.7 / SCE 1.8% 

   <1 Stature / +0.55 Rump Angle / Ideal teat placement / UDC +1.40 / FLC +1.57

   Ideal Set of Legs bull:   -0.13 Rear Legs Side View / +1.83 Rear Legs Rear View (Straight from behind)!!

Unique RED CARRIER sire: 
   * One of the TOP Red Carrier bulls in the breed:  GTPI +2763 / UDC +1.40
   * #2 Red Carrier GLPI bull in the breed
   * Highest RC GLPI bull in the breed: +9 Conformation

ARMIN *RC is one of the earliest available sons in the World of Trent-Way-JS RONALD *RC from the beautiful young R&W cow OH DG Agriorio Red by Argo *RC and going back on the tremendous cow family of Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN, the oldest cow in the history to win the World Dairy Expo as a 14 year old cow. 

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Dam of Armin RC: OH DG Agriorio Red 

Grand dam:  OH DG Rubellia 


Foundation cow: Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN