Mr. Cheese JAZZ (A2A2 / BB) proves it in every system!!

515HO00357 Cal-Roy-Al Journey JAZZ is a bull which we can give multiple subtitles, Mr. Cheese is surely a very matching title for him. Jazz is not only Kappa Casein BB, but also combines this with tremendous breedingvalues for solid percentage in different systems resulting in tremendous Fat & Protein production values. 

JAZZ proves his tremendous qualities in all different systems and is one of the sires many countries around the World have in their selection list of bulls.

USA: gTPI +2844 with +1.77 PTAT
Canada: gLPI +3447 with +8 UDC
Italy: gPFT +4056      with +2.34 TIPO
Germany: gRZE +122        with 153 RZM and +0.18 %P
Scandinavia: gNTM +35        with +123 Udder
UK: gPLI +671         with +2.4 Udder
Switzerland: gISET +1596      with +163 IPL
Spain: gICO +4815       with +118 Longevity
France:  gISU +200         with +2.2 Type


With A2/A2 for Beta Casein and BB for Kapa Casein, JAZZ is the unique choice for you combining:
                 > + 83 Lbs Fat with +0.12 % Fat
Protein             > + 64 Lbs Protein with +0.09 % Protein
Udder               > + 1.65 Udc
Calving             1.6% SCE


With Kenobi x Hotline x Delta x AltaOak x Robust x Planet, JAZZ tracers back to the Larcrest Crimson-ET TY EX-92 GMD DOM family.

JAZZ is available in Conventional & Sexed!