ARROW: THE Modern Type Sire!

515HO00353 DG NH ARROW offers THE ideal and complete package for breeders all around the World who are looking for the best possible and balanced type, combined with fitness & high production values. 

His great qualities have not been missed, all around the World his huge popularity is increasing day by day by both large commercial farmers and by the show type breeders, international champion cows have already been mated to ARROW!

Here some great facts to underline his unique qualities: 

>> ARROW is THE #1 PTAT (TYPE) bull in the World for bulls >2670 GTPI!!


As well ARROW is 1 out of only 7 available bulls in the breed who are combining: 
>2.8 PTAT (Total Type)
>2.5 UDC (Udders)
>1.9 FLC (Feet & Legs)

ARROW is by far the #1 GTPI Bull within this exclusive group and exceeds the #2 with more than 250 GTPI points!!

Arrow's excellent breeding values for both type and production / fitness traits are proven as well through other genomic systems, as he is combines GLPI +3242 in Canada with +10 for Conformation and +11 for his Udder proof, in TYPE country Switzerland (where Arrow is very popular) he's one of the unique bulls to combine gISET +1492 with +140 ITP (TYPE) and +138 udders!

His incredible qualities are from multiple generations of solid breeding, his mother Al-Lew Monterey Ashley recently raised her score to EX-90 with an EX-91 Mammary System fresh in her 2nd lactation as a 4yr. old - that makes her the 9th EXCELLENT cow in this pedigree!! Beside ARROW she also has delivered the high quality bulls Aristocrat & Armagedon P in the AI Total line-up.

Arrow is available both Conventional and Sexed!