Gen RAVE - does it everywhere: RZG 161 // gNVI +406 // and more!!

515HO00367 Gen RAVE is available NOW!

Gen RAVE is THE perfect sire for the commercial dairy farmer, one of the highest COMPONENT (Fat & Protein %) bulls in the breed, siring medium sized cows (+0.64 Stature, combined with +0.62 Strength)

A bull which has been much spoked about, one of the TRUE component specialists in the breed with +0.55% FAT & +0.21% PROTEIN in his German index, combined with incredible Fitness traits, resulting in RZG 161, which is one of the highest RZG bulls available in the breed right now. 

Gen RAVE is ranking in the top of many index systems, and is one of the highest gNVI bulls in the breed with gNVI +406, as well we see the same pattern with 112 Udders, huge components and and super fitness traits. 

RAVE sires as well positive teat length and and Robot+ udders! 

Order your Gen RAVE semen now with your AI Total distributor. 

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