If you have visited the SWISS EXPO in Lausanne you have obviously seen the video of NH DG ARROW on the big screen during the show, hereby we show you the video again of the bull which people call the 'MODERN TYPE SIRE'!  

Some of the best cows in the best type herds all around the world are mated to NH DG ARROW currently, ARROW = 

The #1 GTPI bull in the breed combining:
    >3.6 PTAT
    & a positive DPR 

And as well the ONLY available in the breed combining:
    >2600 GTPI
    >3.6 PTAT
    >0 Rump Angle

Image  As well, ARROW combines >1524 ISET with ITP 141 in Switzerland!!
One of the very few bulls in the breed to combine that!!

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