ARISTOCRAT is available NOW!

It's very exciting news for all breeders around the World that 515HO03701 Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT is available now!

Aristocrat is for sure one of the most balanced bulls in the breed from this moment and the ONLY available bull in the World combining:
=> 2800 GTPI, >1500 Milk, +2.65 PTAT & >2.85 UDC

Beside that ARISTOCRAT is:
  •  Suitable on heifers (6.8 SCE)
  •  A positive Fat & Protein % sire
  •  Super low Somatic Cell Score: SCS 2.61
      & Huge productive Life:   PL +7.4
      ONLY bull in the breed combining >2.65 PTAT with <2.65 SCS & >7 PL!
  •  PERFECT Feet & Leg index:  (RLS +0.19) // Rear Legs Rear View (RLR +1.45)
     1 out of only 3 bulls in the breed >2800 GTPI with >0 RLS & >1.45 RLR 

On top of that he has a great pedigree, as a son of the successful daughter proven bull Melarry Josuper Frazzled, his mother is the maximum scored Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-89-USA EX-MS La1. (MAX) which also is mother to ARROW & ARMAGEDON P in the AI Total line-up, followed by 8 EXCELLENT generations in his pedigree. 


Aristocrat is an AiDol sire and is both conventional as SEXED Female available. 

Order your Aristocrat semen now through your AI Total semen supplier!