CLASSIC isn’t time-bound!

515HO00348 DROUNER CLASSIC is a great all-round sire in AI Total’s portfolio. Net Merit is a high +860 (NM$) and CLASSIC scores well for production with a PTA Milk of +1850lbs (PTAM). Components are positive with +86lbs Fat (+0,06% F) and +64lbs Protein (+0,03% P); together +150lbs CFP. Also notice the high Feed Efficiency of +204.

CLASSIC breeds medium sized daughters (Stature +1,10) and sloped Rumps (Rump Angle +1,09). Udders are beautiful, as we see in CLASSIC his Udderscore of +1,82 (UDC). Productive Life is a long +6,1 and Daughter Pregnancy Rate is a positive +1,0 (DPR). Somatic Cell Score is a healthy 2,67.

In international indexes we see high rates for CLASSIC. The German total index RZG is +157 and in the Netherlands CLASSIC reaches a high NVI of +361. Also in Spain (ICO +4514) and Italy (PFT +4024) the indexes are high.

AI Total makes it’s bulls also available in sexed semen. No exception in this case, also CLASSIC is available sexed. NAAB code for sexed CLASSIC is 553HO00348. CLASSIC is a Charley son out of a Silver x Altaoak.

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   MGD: Koepon Oak Classy 4672 GP-83-NL             515HO00348 conventional/ 553HO00348 sexed Drouner CLASSIC