CASE: unique new star in the AI Total line-up!

CASE: unique new star in the AI Total line-up


With Regan-Danhof T CASE, AI Total has a unique new star in the line-up as he is:
The #1 available GTPI bull in the breed combining: >70 Lbs Protein & >3.00 PTA Type!


CASE is unique in his kind, combining his huge type of PTAT +3.11 with an incredible production level at +1920 lbs Milk, with positive components (+0.08% Fat & +0.05% Protein), resulting in a skyhigh 170 lbs combined Fat + Protein! 


On top of that he is a positive fertility bull with +1.1 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +3.7 Heifer Conception Rate & +3.0 for Cow Conception Rate. He is suitable to use on heifers with his Sire Calving Ease of 7.0. 


He has a no-hole type linear, transmits sloped rumps (Rump Angle +0.49) and almost 3 points on his udder index! 


Case his qualities are coming from no strangers, his pedigree is backed up by multiple generations of high scoring VG and Excellent cows, going back on Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA, a cow who is still alive at 11 years old, has a huge lifetime production and a incredible EX-96 udderscore.


Case is in the AI Total AiDol program and he is now available for you! 

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His dam: Regan-Danhof Jedi Cashmere VG-88-USA 2yr.