Frequently asked questions AiDol/ERS

What are the benefits of AiDol and AI Total-ERS?

AiDol and AI Total-ERS provides you with first access to the most elite genetics of the Holstein breed and thus faster genetic progress for your herd.

Why does AI Total require a signed contract before use?

We expect these bulls to develop into high impact sires. Normally, these bulls would first be used exclusively as mating sires within the breeding program and become available for commercial use much later. A written contract enables us to release semen from these bulls immediately, with clear conditions for both parties.

As a breeder, what can I expect?

You will have first access to semen of bulls of international mating sire quality. A guarantee for the fastest genetic progress in your herd!

Where can I find more information about AiDol and/or ERS bulls?

AiDol and ERS sires are among the very best in leading international rankings. On a regular base new bulls are added to the programs. On our website and in our sire catalogue, these bulls can be recognized by the AiDol- or AI Total-ERS logo.

What is the difference between AiDol and AI Total-ERS?

For bull calves born from semen of an AiDol or AI-Total-ERS bull, you grant AI-Total the first right of purchase. For an ERS sire, all bull calves need to be offered for genomic testing; for an AiDol sires only bull calves that exceed a specified parent average level. These minimum levels for parent average can be found on our website.

The AI Total-ERS agreement has also limited additional terms for heifer calves. AiDol has no restrictions on heifer calves.

Which conditions apply exactly?

All terms and conditions can be found in the AiDol- or AI Total-ERS agreement, which will be send to you on request. Please contact us at Also contact us for additional questions. You can also contact your local AI-Total distributor.

I have a bull calf from an AiDol or AI Total-ERS sire. What are the next steps?

You offer the bull calf to AI Total for genomic testing. Based on the results of this test AI Total may decide to purchase the bull. Bull calves rejected by AI-Total must be sold for fattening or slaughter.

Are there any restrictions for heifer calves?

For heifer calves from ERS sires, AI Total has the first right of purchase on a PART of the bull calves that will be born from these heifers. In addition, heifer calves may only be sold with written permission of AI Total.

There are no restrictions on heifer calves from AiDol sires.

Does the agreement also apply to sexed semen?

The agreement applies to both conventional and sexed semen.

Is it allowed to sell embryos from AiDol and/or AI Total-ERS bulls?

The AiDol or AI Total-ERS contract is an agreement between you and AI Total. Embryos should therefore be implanted in your own recipients.

Where can I order semen from AiDol and AI Total-ERS sires?

For semen orders please contact your local AI Total distributor.

Or contact us by email: or call us: +31 570 589 911