AiDol / AiTotal-ERS application form

The application form below should be completed with all the information about the offspring to be tested. Only if A.I. Total B.V. decides to test a bull calf from the AiDol or AiTotal-ERS programme, the costs will be borne by A.I. Total B.V.

Bull calves

A bull calf born from the AiDol or AiTotal-ERS must meet at least the genetic criteria as found at: AiDol explained and be registered within 7 days of birth.

Bull calf tested by a third party? Upload the result of the genomic test when registering the bull calf.

For a bull calf born from the AiDol / AiTotal-ERS programme which is genomically tested according to a non-US genomic basis (or not tested at all), A.I. Total B.V. reserves the right to test the bull calf according to the US genomic basis, for which the costs for the test will be paid by A.I. Total B.V. From the moment the genomic index forms are received (including the US genomic test results), the option period will commence. (For applications received after 16:00 Central European Time, the next working day will be taken as the start day of the option period).

Personal details
Calf information