AiDol Explained

AI Total is committed in offering farmers and breeders around the globe Genetic Solutions in order to adapt to the rapid changes. The AIDOL sire program has been designed to offer the breeds most elite sires to progressive dairymen prior to official open market release. By signing an AIDOL sire usage agreement the progressive breeder and farmer enables himself access to use these high-quality genetics and also having the opportunity to receive a considerable return on offspring that would qualify based on the genetic criteria.

By signing the agreement, the breeder grants AI Total the irrevocable option to purchase all Offspring created using AiDol Sire semen prior to the end-date as listed on the AIDOL page on the AI Total website. In the event that AI Total denies exercising its option the client is free to do whatever they wish with the offspring.

AIDOL Sires Offspring – If you have a male or female offspring from an AIDOL Sire, please check the AIDOL website first to see if the bull is still marked as an active AIDOL sire. As explained in the Semen usage agreement also please check the genetic criteria prior to filling in the submission form. These criteria are adjusted from time-to-time, so it is advisable to review them every time when submitting a calf.

Male Offspring

AI Total offers genomic testing for offspring with a parent average index that meet or exceed one of the following criteria for GTPI, NM$, PTAT or RZG.

Parent Average index GTPI NM$ PTAT RZG
Holstein 2800 900 3,00 145
Polled Holstein Offspring (Heterozygous or Homozygous) 2650 800 3,00 140
Red & Red Carrier Holstein Offspring (and Variant Red Carrier) 2650 800 3,00 140

In case the bull has already been tested thru a third party, please fill out a submission form and attached the genomic information sheet to the email if the bull meets one of the following criteria.

Bull tested thru third party GTPI NM$ PTAT RZG
Holstein 2900 1000 3,50 155
Polled Holstein Offspring (Heterozygous or Homozygous) 2750 900 3,50 150
Red & Red Carrier Holstein Offspring (and Variant Red Carrier) 2650 900 3,50 155