Arrow's STAR continues to rise!

515HO00353 DG NH ARROW his star is rising! "He STAMPS" is a very common quote we hear from breeders from all around the World very often, he STAMPS amazing UDDERS, he STAMPS very balanced frame cows with plenty of strength and a perfect combation between dairyness and strength with strong loins and wide & sloped rumps. He STAMPS fantastic Feet & Legs with an optimum Rear Legs Side View, legs which are very paralel from the Rear View and with an exceptional locomtation. ARROW gives the kind of cow which gives his exceptional qualities in a very uniform breedingpattern through to the next generation and make the kind of cow which can shine in the showring and will be top performers in any commercial circumstances. 

Arrow is the current: 
daughter proven TPI bull in the World >2.90 PTAT & > -0.3 Fertility Index
#1 daughter proven PTAT bull in the breed >2.5 Udder Composite, Sloped Rumps & >-0.3 Fertility 
daughter proven ITP (TYPE) bull >1280 ISET & >0.03%

Admired by breeders and judges: 

Gary Jones (Judge Agronord ‘23) about ARROW Anna
“This cow is my kind, she got the perfect combination between Dairyness and Strength. She is the modern frame cow.”

Andreas Vestergard, Kaergard Holsteins, Denmark
“ARROW’S are build the way we want a modern & solid production cow to look.”

Niels Erik Haahr, Anderstrup Holsteins, Denmark
“ARROW has done the job here, they are very productive out of outstanding udders and superb Feet & Legs!”

Jonas Pussemier, Bois Seigneur Holsteins, Belgium
“I like to milk my ARROW daughters. They have everything in them to make great cows!”

Update on new exciting fresh ARROW daughters around the globe: 

La Waebera ARROW Raven VG-CH VG-87-MS 2yr.
One of the highest scored young cows in Switzerland in 2023!

Riverdane ARROW Springsteen VG-86-UK 2yr. @ 3 weeks fresh

Gorgola Arrow Charcoal 
1st Junior 2yr. Old in Milk & BEST UDDER Victorian Winter Fair '23 in Australia

Hamant-Peltre Arrow Raspberry in France

Group of ARROW daughters @ Anderstrup Holsteins in Denmark
Avg. Production 53 kg milk / day | Avg age of 1st calving: 1.10 year old

515HO00353 DG NH ARROW has Conventional and Sexed UltraPlus semen available
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