MITCHELL now also Top 25 in Canada

MITCHELL his total number of daughters in his index increased to >500 in the August indexrun, with the addition of more than 300 new daughters from multiple different countries in the World! The big increase in number of daughters and realibility kept the overall proof of MITCHELL very steady, and based on the American index, Mitchell is still:

THE #1 daughter proven TPI bull in the World >2.47 PTAT and <2.67 SCS 

Also in Canada Mitchell saw his star rising, as he came in to the Top 25 of the foreign MACE LPI ranking with LPI +3461, with +9 for CONFORMATION (TYPE), he is the #2 Conformation bull in the entire Top 250 of foreign MACE LPI raning.

Mitchell undoubtly remains among the most popular sires in the breed currently, his breeding pattern is extremely uniform. He's siring trouble free cows, with balanced frames, plenty of strength and with wide rumps, superb udders with optimum teat placement and positive teat length, they are moving on strong legs, with a very mobile locomotion. They perform well under all different circumstances, his daughters are having a very low Somatic Cell Count and are very easy to get back in calf. 

515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus)