PERCIVAL (GTPI +3043) now available!

AI Total is proud to release one of the absolute top sires in the breed: 515HO00426 Gen PERCIVAL A2A2, one of the highest GTPI bulls available with GTPI +3043!

PERCIVAL is an exclusive son of Captain and comes from an outcross maternal line, with dams sired by Gymnast, Battlecry, Police & Bookem and going back to the American roots of Dyks Durham Candi (Durham x Rudolph). His outcross maternal line brings him at an EFI (Estimatid Future Inbreeding) percentage of 8.8%, which makes him the #1 GTPI bull in the breed for bulls with an EFI of 8.8% or lower!

PERCIVAL his top qualities are in his balanced index, as he combines a huge milk breeding value of +1817 Milk with posivitve components, resulting in 184 Combined Fat + Protein. he combines wthat with excellent fitness traits, healthy udders (SCS 2.78 / +1.7 Mastitis Index) with a positive Fertility Index (+0.4). His type linear shows plenty of desirable traits and he's one of the top Feet & Leg sires in the top of the GTPI ranking! 

PERCIVAL is the #1 GTPI bull in the breed combining the 2 high heritable traits:  >1800 MILK and >1.27 FEET & LEGS!

The qualities in his breeding values in the American system are also confirmed in many other systems: 

DE 4/22 +159 RZM / +120 RZE / +155 RZG
The #2 RZG bull in the breed for bulls >159 RZM (Production index) with >120 RZE

CA 4/22 GLPI +3745 / Pro$ 3410

IT 4/22 gPFT +4500