An enormous indexrun in April '22 for 515HO00397 TTM Taos ENERGIZED, not only he kept his level for GTPI & NM in the absolute top ranking of the breed (GTPI +2972 / NM $ 1040), as well Energized is one of the absolute elite bulls in the World for the Dairy Welness Profit index with DWP $ 1171!

TTM Taos ENERGIZED is the ONLY bull in the breed combining: 
>1726 Milk
>166 Fat + Protein
>0.7 DPR
<2.74 SCS

His unique combination between a huge production ability (+1726 Milk +0.09%F +0.06%P) combined with huge fitness traits is extraordinary, with SCS 2.74, +0.7 DPR and +6.2 Productive Life! 

As well ENERGIZED will bring you the right Caseines:  Kappa Casein: BB  and  Beta Casein:  A2A2

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