Rammstein-Red, the #1 gNVI and #3 gRZG bull R&W!

An amazing April '22 indexrun for DG DV RAMMSTEIN-RED who took the official #1 position in the Dutch gNVI ranking for R&W Holstein bulls with gNVI +394, more than 30 points higher than the #2 bull in the ranking.  As well he is the #3 gRZG R&W Holstein bull in the German ranking with 160 RZG and also scores fantastic in other systems: +30 NTM in the Scandinavian system and +195 ISU in France with a high +2.7 for Morphologie (type). 

DG DV RAMMSTEIN-RED  is a huge production sire, with +2668 kg Milk in his Dutch breeding value for milk with +0.08% PROTEIN! He combines his elite milk breeding value with excellent fitness traits, he promises to transmit very durable cows with +786 Longevity, 108 Hoof Health and he is an easy calving sire (108 SCE), he can be used on maiden heifers. His type linear shows a very balanced profile with no holes, really good udders (108) and he is one of the very best Feet & legs bulls in the breed: 108 F&L (NL) and 131 for Feet & Legs in the German system! 

DG DV RAMMSTEIN-RED is SEXED and conventional available!