MITCHELL - a daughter proven sensation!

What a day for 515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL, the rumours already started for a while from his early users which reported highly productive 2yr. old's by Mitchell, with great udder health, trouble free cows and with exceptional balanced and flawless conformation with ideal values for the desirable traits. 

The August '21 indexrun confirmed those great reports as well in facts on paper, MITCHELL debuted in the daughter proven TPI ranking as:

The #5 TPI dauhgter proven sires
The #1 TPI daughter proven sire >2.5 PTAT

Based on his first 43 milking daughters (100% USA), MITCHELL increased for all traits: Production, Type & Fitness. 

+1145 Milk / +0.10% Fat / +0.04% Protein

SCS +2.64 / DPR +0.8 / SCE 1.9%

very correct and wide
> FEET & LEGS: ideal set of legs:  Rear Legs Side View +0.26 / Rear Legs Rear View >1
> UDDERS: +3.30 RUW / +3.25 RUH 
> ROBOT+ udders: Rear Teat Placement +0.56 / +0.17 Teat Length and positive Milking Speed
> Total TYPE:  PTAT +2.53

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