Fantastic April ’21 index run for AI Total bulls

The April ’21 index run has been one of the strongest runs in the history of AI Total. We proudly present you the new AI Total portfolio April ‘21 with a very attractive group of bulls in each segment.  

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  • The Line-Up has 6 bulls with semen available which are >2900, sired by 4 different sires!

  • 515HO382 STARDANCER keeps the position of #1 GTPI Aristocrat son in the breed @ GTPI +2965, breeding cows with production (+1160 Milk, +0.17% Fat & 0.05% Protein), longevity (PL +5.5) and healthy milk (SCS 2.64) with strong attached udder (+2.03 Fore Udder Attachment // +1.88 Udder Cleft).

  • AI Total is one of the very few AI’s in the World which offers sons of the highest daughter proven TPI sire in history: Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL:

                515HO00364 CASH               A2A2 + GTPI +2931 // DWP$ +1174 | One of the highest DWP$ bulls in the breed // SCE 1.7
                515HO00356 PAUL               A2A2 + GTPI +2906 // super production, fitness & type combination // moderate size (+0.16)
                307HO00066 CATCHY           A2A2 + GTPI +2933 // NM$ +752 // +1860 Milk // +1.06 UDC
                515HO00365 SINGAPORE    A2A2 + GTPI +2880 // UDC +1.58 // Kapa Casein BB // +4.5 PL

  • Exciting run for 515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL who added his first 13 milking daughters to his breeding values, MITCHELL increased almost 40 TPI points and increased on production (+1079 Milk with +0.08% Fat & +0.04% Protein), fitness (2.68 SCS/+1.3 Fertility index) and type figures (+1.78 Udder & +1.14 Flc)! Mitchell is now the #5 GTPI age rank bull in the breed!

  • 515HO00353 DG NH ARROW increased to his highest level ever and is now one of the most complete GTPI / PTAT bulls in the World with GTPI +2743 / PTAT +3.00 / UDC +2.70 (+2.81 Udder Cleft / +2.82 Udder Depth).

  • New release bull this run is 515HO00380 Pine-Tree MESSI GTPI +2893 with:
                                 +1770 Milk with +0.05%F & +0.01%P and A2A2
                                 +1.77 PTAT with UDC +1.46 // +1.13 Rear Legs- Side View
                                 +5.6 PL // 2.1 Sire Calving Ease

  • Progenesis Marius came through as the #4 daughter proven TPI bull in the breed, AI Total has one of his most complete sons available in the portfolio with 515HO362 Sandy-Valley MOON who increased up to GTPI +2911 with a very desirable index profile! He breeds strong cows (Strength +0.84) with lots of milk (+1521) from well-formed udders (Rear Udder Width +2.33 / Udder Cleft +1.13).

  • AI Total offers one of the strongest line-ups for R&W breeders in the World, including 515HO00378 Gen NH SPIRIT RED who is in the top of the R&W breed for GTPI +2762 and ranks huge in multiple different systems, such as RZG, ISET, GLPI and more!

  • The full brothers Siemers HAPPEN and Siemers HAVE IT ALL are 2 of the most unique bulls in the breed currently and on top of the insemination lists of many of the top breeders in the World. They kept their values very strong in the 04/21 index run with:
                 515HO00371 HAVE IT ALL:      +2841 GTPI with +3.46 PTA Type // +1.61 Flc // Kappa Casein BB
                 515HO00370 HAPPEN:            +2739 GTPI with +3.71 PTA Type // +940 Milk // Beta Casein A2/A2

  • 515HO00385 SJK HARRY debuted on top of the GLPI ranking in Canada and is 1 out of only 2 bulls in the Canadian system combining >3664 GLPI with >+9 for Conformation and >+12 for Feet & Legs!

  • AI Total is proud to present one of the most complete Homozygous POLLED bulls in the world with 515HO00381 SJK I AM RED PP, beside his RED Colour and Homozygous POLLED genes, he is also A2/A2 and BB, with GTPI +2669 / PTAT +1.21 and in the top of European lists as well. I AM RED PP goes back on the Cookiecutter MOM Halo cow family!

   Cash                                                Spirit Red                                      Mitchell