Lotto's full sister underlines exceptional abilities of this family!

515HO00359 SHG LOTTO-RED is globally recognized as one of the greatest and most complete and balanced sons of the World's #1 daughter proven PTAT (TYPE) bull, Avalanche. The beautiful R&W sire LOTTO-RED combines almost 3 points type with a correct teat placement and belongs to the very best Feet & Legs bulls in the breed, with -0.33 RLS and +2.83!!!! Rear Legs Rear View, resulting in +1.98 FLC and +2.36 Feet & Legs score! 

The solid and balanced type comes from a rich back ground and going back on some of the greatest cows ever entered the World Dairy Expo & Madison show ring, including Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95-USA! LOTTO-RED offers the ultimate combination between high genomic type numbers and tremendous cow family and pedigree, which will result in exceptional type cows, proved by the first lovely young LOTTO-RED calves recently born in several herds around the globe, as well proven by LOTTO-RED his full sister SHG Lucky Girl Red at SHG Breeding in Denmark. Likely one of the most promising young red cows in Europe, 90 days fresh and averaging >50 kg milk day til date with 3.4% protein! 

SHG Lucky Girl Red @ 90 days fresh | FULL SISTER TO LOTTO-RED
Average production >50 kg milk / day with 3.4% PROTEIN
One of the most promising young red cows in Europe!

3rd dam: Rockymountain Talen Licorice EX-95-USA