STARDANCER: The rising star

On Aquila Holstein, located in the north of Italy 515HO00382 STARDANCER has presented him self to the world as the new star in the Holstein world. With TPI +2983 in combination with DPR +1.1 he belongs to a real select group of bulls breeding the next generation to a next level. STARDANCER is by far the highest available Aristocrat son worldwide.

STARDANCER traces back by Aristocrat x Jedi x Halogen to Aquila Sudan Ivory VG-87. In her first lactation she was projected on 305D 12.702KGM 4.96% 630F 3.34% 424P. With the first 9 dams behind Sudan Ivory we find a fabulous 7 Excellent dams and 7 times GMD. With this the genetics are strongly anchored in the genes of STARDANCER


  • Total: TPI +2983 (No. 1 TPI Aristocrat son worldwide)
  • Production: 1205 Milk with +0.16%F & +0.05%P
  • Health: 65 SCS / +5.8 PL / +1.1 DPR
  • Type: +1.77 PTAT / +1.78 Udc




MGGD Aquila Sudan Ivory

MGGGD Aquila Bolton Coral