Genetics Consolidated acquires all shares AI Total B.V.

In 2010, AI Total was started by Tjalke Albada (on behalf of Albada Beheer B.V.) and Jan de Vries (on behalf of Genetics Consolidated B.V.). With the clear goal of having a total package of bulls available to dairy farmers worldwide with diverse breeding values. In 2020, semen was exported to more than 40 countries and it can be said that the original mission was successful. Both shareholders are now pleased to announce that agreement has been reached on the acquisition of all shares owned by Albada Beheer B.V. by Genetics Consolidated B.V.

Albada Beheer owns KI Service Zuid West Friesland and Hul-Stein B.V. Tjalke and Marianne therefore remain active in livestock improvement with both companies. Tjalke Albada Director Albada Beheer; “Next year I should be 60 years old, and it is slowly time to slow down a bit. This takeover allows me to do this, so I can focus on the other nice things that life has to offer, while I also can further expand the companies KI Zuid West Friesland and Hul-Stein”. “Founding AI Total was a wonderful adventure that I certainly would not have wanted to miss, I wish Genetics Consolidated and all employees the best of luck”. In addition to being the owner of AI Total, Genetics Consolidated also owns Diamond Genetics B.V. De Vries: “When we started this adventure together 10 years ago, we took a big leap in faith, we didn't know that this would work out so well certainly. We are very grateful for the work and resources that Tjalke and Marianne have always made available to the company. It's nice when things turn out like this. Livestock improvement is constantly changing and this enables us to coordinate the various companies even better. AI Total is now an established name with a highly competitive product in various markets. ”