Jean-Claude Brilland: "Mitchell has delivered us EXCELLENT calves"

EBA Holsteins belongs to the top Holstein herds in France, their 65 head herd averages 11.159 kg milk with 4.37% Fat & 3.52% Protein and the Brilland's are having a high standard for conformation. One of the favourite bulls for the Brilland family from the past year has been 515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL, the results for them have been very satisfying. 

Jean-Claude Brilland (EBA Holsteins), France:
”We really like our MITCHELL calves! His profile fits perfectly in our breeding philosophy of a high PTAT combined with a high GTPI with a very correct and complete linear! Also because of MITCHELL his different pedigree he is a very easy bull to use.  MITCHELL has delivered us EXCELLENT calves. We continiously use MITCHELL in our herd”

”The bulls which fit in our profile and which we use intensively in our herd are Aurora MITCHELL, EBA DAVINCI & Siemers HAVE IT ALL