Now available: Siemers HAPPEN

AI Total is proud to announce the release of 515HO00370 Siemers HAPPEN (A2A2) - he's another super exciting Excalibur son from Siemers Doc Hanker 28653 VG-88-USA 2yr., what makes him a full brother to the earlier released Siemers HAVE IT ALL. Happen has muliple similar qualities and is one of a kind in the breed with his huge type index combined with >1000 lbs milk. 

In fact, HAPPEN is the #1 GTPI sire in the breed of bulls >3.56 PTAT and >1000 Milk

HAPPEN combines that with A2A2 on his Beta Casein genes and positive components (+0.10% Fat & +0.03% Protein). 

Wide rumps, Optimum Feet & Legs & Perfect udders
His type figures are of World Class level with a tremendous flawless linear, HAPPEN will sire tremendous open dairy frames, with Wide rumps (+3.14 Thurl Width), with a perfect set of the legs (-0.02 Rear Legs Side View - OPTIMUM!) combined with super straight legs from the rear view (Rear Legs Rear View +2.18). His udder figures are one of the greatest udder figures you will find in the top of the rankings nowadays. HAPPEN scores extremely high on the udder traits Rear Udder Height (+4.24), Fore Udder Attachment (+3.91), Rear udder Width (+3.90), as well combined with close to average teat length!

The full brothers HAVE IT ALL & HAPPEN: