Eba DAVINCI joins the AI Total lineup

Last week an agreement was made between Göpel Genetik and AI Total transferring the ownership of Eba DAVINCI. 

Eba DAVINCI is a bull with worldwide demand and is uniquely the only bull available to combine over 2750 GTPI with over 2.90 PTAT type, sloped rumps and also positive for daughter pregnancy rate. 

DAVINCI excels in components with 0,14% fat and +0,09% protein. He boasts a different pedigree being a Dylan son out of the beautiful Sillian daughter, Eba Netty VG-87-2YR from the incredible EBA Heazy cow family. Eba DAVINCI will be marketed worldwide through your known AI Total distributor. Eba Davinci will be available in conventional sexed semen directly with sexed availability expected in the new year.  

Micha Goepel shared that he is excited about the transaction as it will allow German Göpel clients to still have access while also giving the option of sexed semen on this fantastic bull.  

“Eba DAVINCI is a bull that fits the AI Total philosophy perfectly, striving to offer complete bulls tracing back to strong and solid genetics. Eba DAVINCI compliments the current lineup of renown bulls such as NH DG Arrow, Aurora MITCHELL, NH DG ARISTOCRAT, Siemers HAPPEN and Siemers HAVE IT ALL. DAVINCI’s combination of daughter pregnancy rate, type and components make him the bull to fill in the missing piece in our current lineup,” Jan de Vries of AI Total shares.

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