EAGLE - stamps production!!

Production is really anchored in the genes of 515HO00338 EAGLE, confirmed by his granddam All. Nure Eleonor VG-88 who produced 35.961 Kg Milk with 4.33% Fat and 3.48% Protein in 983 days (2 lactations). EAGLE just continues providing production to his offspring: PTA Milk +1589 with +0.04% Fat and +0.02% Protein.

A quality which EAGLE confirms in the mulitple countries he has been tested in:

Netherlands:  +2172 kg Milk // +326 gNVI (#9 gNVI bull in the Netherlands)
Germany:   +1913 kg Milk // RZG 153
Scandinavia:   124 Milk index // gNTM +28


Eagle STAMPS production, but as well:
√ He is A2/A2 
√ Will produce long lasting cows, Productive Life +4.5
√ Sires cows with top udders, suitable for Robot Farms and positive Teat Length 
√ Teat Length +0.82
√ Great profile, >2700 GTPI, >1 UDC, positive Feet & Legs and tremendous production!
√ ROBOT+ sire



DG Albero Enrica |
La2 305d 13.230kgM 3.9%F 3.4%P (proj)