POWER: your allround partner!

515HO00373 Gen NH POWER is the kind of bull who fits very easy in every breedinggoal and is a very allround partner for many of your cows!

POWER is a complete all-rounder: Production & health & type. With his 1,6% for SCE he is also an interesting partner for maiden heifers.

POWER comes from an outcross maternal line, his mother is a VG-85 Kerrigan from a VG-86 Balisto x Xacobeo x Stol Joc x Laudan.

POWER is the only available A2/A2 sire with:

  • PTA Milk > +1300
  • PL > +4,0
  • SCS < 2.76
  • SCE < 1.7
  • FLC > +0.55

As well POWER scores 157 RZG in the German system.

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MGGD: Vekis Paige VG-87 VG-89-MS 2yr. | 5.05 305d 13.809kgM

MGD: Vekis DG Penda-ET VG-86
2.08 305d 10.665 kg Milk with 4.5%F & 3.9%P