"Armagedon calves got something extra"

The first calves of ARMAGEDON P are hitting the ground all around the globe which resulted in many enthusiastic breeders. 

ARMAGEDON P is a very popular bull in Switzerland where he shows a unique profile with plenty of production (+1647 Milk / +0.08%F / +0.14%P) combined with 146 ITP (TYPE), 146 UDDERS and superb rumps.

Nicolas Tornare from Switzerland:   "The Calves of Armagedon P got something EXTRA, they are extremely long, dairy and solid!!"


ARMAGEDON P calves in Switzerland
Thanks to Nicolas Tornare and Swiss Genetics for the pictures

NH DG ARMAGEDON P   -  Catalogue page


ARMAGEDON P his mother:   Al-Lew Monterey Ashley as a 2yr. old. 
ASHLEY is now scored EX-91-USA EX-93-MS 4yr. - 9th EXCELLENT generation in her pedigree!