MOON - one of the BIGGEST increasers in the August '20 indexrun

515HO00362 Sandy-Valley MOON has been one of the biggest increasers in global GTPI ranking of the August 2020 indexrun, now being in the Top 20 of his GTPI age rank with GTPI +2914, increased his udder index to >1 UDC and he is the ONLY bull in the breed combining:

>2900 GTPI
>1700 Milk
>0.95 TEAT LENGTH!!!
& >0.7 DPR

MOON is one of the most complete sires in the top of the global GTPI ranking and as well one of the highest contractfree sires available! 

MOON is available SEXED & Conventional! Order your MOON semen with your AI Total distributor today!

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