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Check the new pictures here of the bull which will turn on your PROFIT button: 515HO00361 Wet Kenobi PROFIT
Hs is the perfect choice for profit maximalization within your herd. This A2A2 bull has the traits which will match the breedinggoal of the modern dairy farmer. Such as:


√ PRODUCTION: >1200 milk with positive components

√ HEALTH: Healthy udders with very low cellcount (SCS 2.65), ELITE Productive Life PL +7.5), comnbined with +1.4 DPR

√ MEDIUM SIZED COWS (negative stature) - with MORE STRENGTH than stature and SLOPED RUMPS

√ EASY CALVINGS: Suitable to use on heifers, SCE 6.5

>1 point UDDER index & positive F&L index

Beta Casein A2A2



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