PICTURE MOON The only bull 2900 GTPI, 1700 Milk & 1 Teat Length!

515HO00362  Sandy-Valley MOON already created much excitement around the globe as being one of the most complete bulls in the top of the GTPI ranking, offering many qualities breeders from all over the World are looking for. Just to name a few:

+1747 Milk with positive components: +0.05%F +0.04%P
√ Daughter Pregnancy Rate:  +1.0 DPR
√ Easy Calving Sire: SCE 6.5
√ Kappa Casein: BB
Robot Udder qualities!
√ Teat Length improver:  +1.09

MOON is available now, conventional and sexed! Order your MOON semen now through your AI Total distributor.