DG Eagle checking the boxes!

While his first calves are hitting the ground with great satisfactin of his users, 515HO00338 DG EAGLE still going strong! The fact that he is in the top of many of the genomic rankings of multiple different index systems, says undoubtly something about his versatile qualities. Being the #11 gNVI bull in the Netherlands, 153 RZG in Germany, 31 gNTM in the Scandinavian system and 140 gPF in Poland!

DG Eagle is one of the easiest bull choices for dairy farmers looking for a sire which adds plenty of production qualities, DG EAGLE has very strong genes for milk production (+1675 lbs Milk) combined with positive fat & protein percentages, as well he is a Beta Casein A2A2 sire!

His type linear is very complete with no holes, which makes him very easy to use on a large scale. He is a positive F&L sire, he is >1 point on the Udder (UDC-index), sires medium sized cows with plenty of strength and he is top class for the much sought after trait Teat Length, he is one of the very rare bulls in the breed of his level (GTPI +2756) with +0.93 Teat Length


DG EagleHUGE Production sire, A2A2, flawless linear & +0.93 Teat Length


DG Albero Enrica - Full sister to Eagle's mother
Highest producing 2yr. old in her herd