Turn on the PROFIT button with.... PROFIT!

515HO00361 Wet Kenobi PROFIT is a perfect choice for profit maximalization within your herd. This A2A2 bull has the traits which will match the breedinggoal of the modern dairy farmer. Such as:


√ PRODUCTION: >1200 milk with positive components

√ HEALTH: Healthy udders with very low cellcount (SCS 2.65), ELITE Productive Life PL +7.5), comnbined with +1.4 DPR

√ MEDIUM SIZED COWS (negative stature) - with MORE STRENGTH than stature and SLOPED RUMPS

√ EASY CALVINGS: Suitable to use on heifers, SCE 6.5

>1 point UDDER index & positive F&L index

Beta Casein A2A2