8 bulls 2800 GTPI & Moon's rise to GTPI +2912!!

A tremendous April 2020 index run for the AI Total sires with 8 bulls (with semen available) >2800 GTPI and a bull over 2900 GTPI! 

NOTE: there has been a BASE CHANGE in the American indexrun, keep the following deductions in mind with studying the American breeding values on the April '20 breeding values, compared to the December '19 breeding values:

-492 Milk 
-24 Fat
-18 Protein

+0.08 SCS
-1.86 PL 
-0.24 DPR

-0.76 PTAT
-0.85 UDC
-0.49 FLC

Despite the April '20 base change, AI Total has had a number of bulls climbing to the top of the global rankings, some of the AI Total highlights of the April '20 index run: 

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