EIFLE his rise to the TOP! #1 GLPI bull!*

EIFLE is a name which is connected to huge heights, that's exactly the case for 515HO00360 Sandy-Valley EIFLE, the Renegade son climbed to the highest level: 

#1 GLPI bull:  GLPI +3740!! 
* Un-official, according his preliminary March numbers, compared to the current December '19 ranking

EIFLE can also be named MR. CHEESE, as he combines the right CASEIN genes (Kappa Casein BB) together with huge solids: +0.66% FAT and +0.31% PROTEIN on the Canadian index base, resulting in over 200 kg Fat + Protein, healthy udders, positive milkingspeed and very allround type with sloped rumps! 

He shows the same breeding pattern on his American breeding values with very high FAT & PROTEIN %, >1 point Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +1.59 UDC, +1.41 FLC and a huge Feed Efficiency index of +236. 

This great package of genes is a product of the great genetic foundation built at Sandy-Valley Holsteins. EIFLE combines a very nice sire stack as a RENEGADE x SAMURI x RUBICON x MORGAN, her grand dam Sandy-Valley Eternity EX-91-USA is globally recognized is one of Rubicon's greatest daughters. The line follows through the influantial Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire all the way back to the breeding matriarch Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA, foundation cow behind the legendary bull Durham for example. 

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