LOTTO-RED unique in many ways!

515HO00359 SHG Avalanche LOTTO-RED has become quickly one of the most popular R&W type sires in the breed from this moment!!

LOTTO-RED has it all! With on the topside the #1 daughter proven type son Avalanche *RC, who has been very limited available around the World and never has been available in Europe. Lotto-Red his maternal side is mouthwatering for the true type lovers: Avalanche x VG-88 DOORMAN x VG-88 GOLD CHIP followed by Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95-USA, the All-American & All-Canadian 4yr. old cow from 2011 and in the list of all-time favorites for many show followers!

LOTTO-RED has a unique and very welcome qualities in his breedingvalue, he is the ONLY R&W bull in the breed combining >3.65 PTAT (TYPE), >395 Milk and <8 Sire Calving Ease. 

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