VIDEO ARROW - the #1 GTPI Bull over 3.6 PTAT with positive DPR!!

515HO00353  DG NH ARROW is gaining popularity all around the World, he is one of a kind, being the #1 GTPI bull in the breed combining >3.6 PTAT with a positive DPR (Daughter Pregancy Rate)!

As well, ARROW is the ONLY bull in the breed combining: 
      >3.6 PTAT 
      >2600 GTPI
      >0 Rump Angle 

There is no doubt ARROW is a great solution for any type breeder around the World who is looking for the best possible type mating with balance, ARROW sires sloped and very wide rumps (Thurl Width +2.74), SMASHING UDDERS (+4.56 Rear Udder Height / +4.20 Rear Udder Width / +3.94 Fore Udder Attachment). Also his set of legs has qualities many breeders are looking for right now with -0.50 Rear Legs Side View combined with a stunning +2.58 Rear Legs Rear View, resulting in a top class FLC index of +2.26. 

ARROW is not just a type bull, he also will deliver you cows who can fill the tank (+1106 milk) with positive components, a below average cellcount and a positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate. 

Beside that ARROW has an incredible pedigree, his mother Al-Lew Monterey Ashley is a maximum scored cow in the United States in her 1st lactation (VG-89-USA) with an Excelent Mammary System, and has no less than 8 EXCELLENT generations in her pedigree!

You will not be surprised that ARROW is gaining more and more popularity all around the World, in Image Switzerland ARROW is one of the UNIQUE bulls combining >1500 ISET with >140 ITP (TYPE)!


NOTE: ARROW is only 10 months old in this video!