VIDEO: POPEYE and his daughters!

The first 515HO00216  |  Vekis DG POPEYE daughters are milking with great satisfaction by his users all around the globe. Check out the video of this impressive bull who combines: 

√  +0.41% FAT  &  +0.25% PROTEIN (in his Dutch index)
√   aAa 561
   Huge udder proof:  UDC +1.88 // Udder index NL: 117
√   Easy Calving Sire
   Super fitness tratis:  SCS 2.69 // DPR >1
   OUTCROSS: Balisto x Uno x Xacobeo x Stol Joc x Laudan x Durham

515HO00216  |  Vekis DG POPEYE