First APPLE PIE-RED daughters start to calf in!

We are very excited about the picture of Bürkli-Holst Apple Pie Redangel-Red from Bürkli Ueli, Muri (AG), Switzerland we received last week. She is an early milking daughter of Apple Pie-Red and she shows exactly what APPLE PIE-RED can transmit.

515HO00254 APPLE PIE-RED (Olympian x Numero Uno x Regiment) is a grandson from one of the best Red-Holstein cows ever: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96. His dam Ms Apples Uno Armana *RC recently raised her score to EX-94! APPLE-PIE-RED is an Udder specialist (+2.76 UDC) with great scores for Fore Udder Attachment (+3.55), Rear Udder Height (+3.46), Rear Udder Width (+3.18) and Udder Depth (+3.18).

Production wise APPLE PIE-RED transmits positive components (+0.07%F and +0.07%P) combined with a favorable score for somatic cell score (2.55 SCS). In fact he is also a true health trait specialist with scores like +4.9 DPR (daughter pregnancy rate), +5.6 PL (productive life) and +4.4 LIV (Livability).

We are looking forward to his new proof in 2 weeks with daughters as Redangel we are very excited! Would you like to add Apple-Pie-Red genetics to your herd? Contact us here: contact

   Bürkli-Holst Apple Pie Redangel-Red
   Owner: Bürkli Ueli, Muri (AG), Switzerland