First POPEYE daughters fresh and looking great!

In the French top-20 ISU ranking of cows we see three POPEYE daughters. One of them is BTS Malaga (+192 ISU, 04/19). Furthermore BTS Malaga is the dam of the #1 calf in France: Olympia HP (+221 ISU 04/19)! Also in the Netherlands POPEYE daughters are fresh and looking great. Here we have seen scores up to VG-85.

515HO00216 Vekis DG POPEYE is a components specialist: +0.16% Fat & +0.12% Protein. Somatic Cell Score is a healthy 2.69 (SCS), Productive Life is a long +4.8 (PL) and Calving Ease is a very low 6.2 (SCE). Teat Length is positive (+0.22) and POPEYE carries the A2/A2 beta casein. 

For dairy farmers who use aAa he has the much sought-after 561 code.
POPEYE (Balisto x Numero Uno x Xacobeo) is also made available in sexed semen. Please contact us for further information.



    Vekis DG POPEYE                                                 BTS Malaga