Neal: The allrounder

Looking at his breeding pattern, 515HO00322 NEAL can be seen as the allrounder within the AI Total portfolio. On production as well on type and health traits, NEAL has a beautiful line up!

On production NEAL (Charley x Mardi Gras x Numero Uno) shows a +1276 lbs Milk (PTAM) in combination with positive components (+0.09% Fat & +0.06% Protein).

NEAL breeds balanced cows with normal sizes and a sloped Rump Angle (RA +0.45) and really strong udders (UDC +2.03). Special attention deserves the Udder Depth (UD +2.14). NEAL daughters walk on strong legs (Flc +0.86) with a beautiful average Rear Legs Side View (RLSV +0.00).

Besides production and type, NEAL completes his breeding pattern with beautiful health traits as:

Health trait BV
Somatic Cell Score SCS 2.59
Productive Life PL +6.8
Daughter Pregnancy Rate DPR +2.8
Fertility Index FI +3.2 
Sire Calving Ease SCE 6.0

The genetic potential is not complete without showing you the breeding value on different bases:

Country Base BV
USA TPI +2707
USA NM$ +845
The Netherlands NVI +349
United Kingdom PLI +716
Germany RZG +162
France ISU +189
Italy PFT +4091
Poland PFI +150

Besides conventional semen NEAL is also available in sexed semen.

Please feel free to contact us about availability.


    Dam: Jideale VG-86 Fr. 2yr.       MGD: Ideale VG-87 Fr. 2yr.        MGGD: Falsamine VG-85 Fr.