Fall for CHARM

515HO00317 CHARM is a beloved sire for many breeders. Production is good with a PTA Milk of +1610 lbs and positive components: +0,06% Fat (+78 lbs) & +0,05% Protein (+64 lbs). CHARM has the desired Beta Casein A2/A2 and Kappa Casein BB.

Health and Fertility traits are also all correct. Productive Life is a long +4,8, Daughter Pregnancy Rate is +1,4 (DPR) and Calving Ease a low 6,4 (SCE). This last score makes CHARM suitable for use on maiden heifers. Somatic Cell Score is a healthy 2,73.

CHARM his linear traits are nearly flawless with a strong Fore Udder Attachment (+2,24), a high Rear Udder Height (+2,67) and a wide Rear Udder Width (+2,46).

In international indexes we see a very good score in for example The Netherlands (NVI +378), in Poland (PFI +150) and in the United Kingdom (PLI +737). Alexerin CHARM (Charley x Altaspring x Supersire) is also available in sexed semen with NAAB code 553HO00317.

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    MGD: Alexerin Supersire 1338 VG-87-4YR-CAN